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Tone Rising is Committed to Raising Humanity’s Quantum Frequency

Tone Rising’s mission is to inspire individuals to rise up from the challenges of 3D living into glorious quantum 5D living while helping all of Humanity harmonize as a cohesive and collective unit. To achieve its mission, Tone Rising promotes the following quantum risings, all dedicated to creating unity consciousness across the planet: T1, 5DME, Be Forgiving, GRAYce, Refuge, Humanimals, Pet Souls, and Zenilution.

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“Each of us is travelling our own special path. When all of our paths are woven together, a beautiful rich tapestry is created known as life.” ~ Nikki Karis

2020 has been an unforgettable year, as it’s set into motion radical changes upon our planet, collectively, as well as within ourselves, individually. The old planetary structures are beginning to crumble, making room for the birth of new ones. In the midst of all this change and chaos, Humanity is being called upon to harmonize the needs of all individuals within the collective unit.

T1, or together one, is poised to unite Humanity during these turbulent times while setting the planet on a better, brighter course for the future. We seek to empower individuals to become the best version of themselves while answering the call of their respective life mission.

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“Change comes when ordinary people understand just how truly extraordinary they are.” ~ Nikki Karis

For eons, we, as human beings, have been beaten down by various internal and external forces which have kept us stuck in repeated karmic cycles of poverty, pain, and darkness. Trapped in these vicious cycles, we have been unable to rise up into our roles as rightful heirs to the planet.

5DME is dedicated to assisting people in recognizing their extraordinary value as Divine, Spiritual Beings and in rising above 3D reality to reap the glorious rewards of quantum 5D living. Heaven on Earth isn’t just a myth: it can become a most wonderful reality when we rise up and become the Superhuman, Divine Beings we were born to be.

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“Forgiveness is the key to letting go of the past while unlocking the opportunities that await you in the future.” ~ Nikki Karis

Throughout our lifetime, we undergo many painful experiences, often including the betrayal or loss of trust of a lover, family member, or even a good friend. These experiences can leave a permanent scar and tear in our heart, especially if we’re unable to forgive those who have trespassed against us.

Be Forgiving encourages forgiveness as an important means of quantum healing our heart while experiencing a sense of wholeness and well-being. By forgiving others, and even ourselves, we are able to transmute our past pain and sufferings and move positively forward into the future without feeling bitter, angry, or resentful and while freeing ourselves of any regrets of our past.

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“Freedom only exists when you have the courage to unlock the shackles imprisoning you to other people’s ideas of who you should be.” ~ Nikki Karis

Freedom is something all of us yearn for, yet which few of us actually know how to fully embrace, especially in today’s day and age when there’s immense pressure to conform to societal norms. As long as we aren’t physically, mentally, or financially abusing others, we should be free to be who we want to be without fear of repercussion from others.

At Refuge, we advocate freedom for everyone to live authentically and to not be judged according to one’s gender, race, religion, sexual preference, socio-economic status, or the like. We also fully support ending the horrific practice of human trafficking and sexual abuse, both for adults and children, for until trafficking victims are safely home, none of us can truly be free. Remember, our quantum motto: “Refuge for All!”

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“What matters most is what’s in a person’s heart … the rest is simply window dressing.” ~ Nikki Karis

In today’s social and political climate, the mainstream media, government, and other factions have led us to believe that a great racial divide has occurred among the masses, often referred to as “the 99%.” This false narrative has led to civil unrest in many parts of the world, as we, the 99%, have begun to fight among ourselves versus seeking to unite against the powers that wish to divide us.

GRAYce is dedicated to bridging this artificial divide, by emphasizing our similarities as souls: the fact God created all of us from the very same cloth, and that all any of us really want is to live free; be happy, healthy, and prosperous; and enjoy the fruits of our labor. In other words, irrespective of our racial differences on the outside, we all want the same things on the inside. Let’s raise our quantum frequency, together, as ONE.

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“The greatest partnership the human race can make is with the animals. It’s from this partnership that all good things will flourish and grow.” ~ Nikki Karis

With the rise of the 4th Industrial Revolution beckoning at our doorsteps, we, as potential benefactors of newer, more advanced technologies, are dangerously close to permanently disconnecting from our most valuable resource: Mother Earth, and all of her precious animals. We are literally a few short decades away when robots could well replace humans in many facets of society, and animals could become extinct.

At Humanimals, we seek to protect the Divine connection existing between humans and animals, as a powerful and necessary partnership in the quantum birthing of New Earth. We envision a future where animals will be honored, protected, and valued as the beautiful souls that they are and be given the same legal protections as humans.

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“Pets heal our heart and fill our soul while making our life feel whole.” ~ Nikki Karis

Our pets, whether furry, feathered, or otherwise, provide assistance to us during our journey by comforting us and teaching us valuable life lessons. No matter how we may look or feel on a given day, they always gift to us unconditional love, letting us know our valuable worth as human beings.

At Pet Souls, we honor the incredible, spiritual connection we have with our pets whether in the present or in the ever-after. We encourage adoption of rescue animals to help reduce the senseless euthanization of animals around the world. We love our pets and want to share the immense joy we gain from them, in hopes of inspiring others to adopt an animal who will fill their heart and home.

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“You are about to embark upon an adventure ride, taking you through the swamps of life. Before departing, please close your eyes and envision your Superhuman, Divine Self.” ~ Zeni

Everyone loves a good fairy tale, especially one which delivers a heartfelt and inspiring message to help awaken Humanity to its Divine potential. And that’s exactly what Zeni, the protagonist of Zenilution, delivers to guests aboard an exciting theme-park, adventure ride through the metaphorical swamps of life.

During the ride, Zeni recounts the tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming. The toad personalities she meets throughout her journey teach her valuable life lessons which ultimately change her perception of life, love, relationships and most importantly, herself. Armed with this knowledge, Zeni slowly awakens from her spiritual slumber and through quantum healing, transforms and becomes her Superhuman, Divine Self. Through her tales, Zeni empowers guests aboard the ride to rise up in their own life.

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