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5DME Encourages Ascension from the 3D into 5D Living

For eons, we, as human beings, have been beaten down by various internal and external forces which have kept us stuck in repeated karmic cycles of poverty, pain, and darkness. Trapped in these vicious cycles, we have been unable to rise up into our roles as rightful heirs to the planet.

5DME is dedicated to assisting people in recognizing their extraordinary value as Divine, Spiritual Beings and in rising above 3D reality to reap the rewards of glorious 5D living. Heaven on Earth isn’t just a myth: it can become a most wonderful reality when we rise up and become the Superhuman, Divine Beings we were born to be.

Quantum physics proposes that our thoughts create and influence our reality. At Tone Rising, we advance “positive thinking”, as a way to create the most optimal realities not just for the individual, but for the world as a whole.

Each Tone Rising brand promotes three different “tones” to help you shift your thoughts, thereby raising your quantum frequency. Remember: together, as ONE, we can raise the quantum frequency of the planet, ONE TONE AT A TIME.

5DME Rising Tones



There is a Universal truth or wisdom that is available to each of us. By opening our third eye or crown chakra, we're able to access it to assist us during our journey of ascension.



Our journey is about learning from our life lessons and instituting growth along the way. We are all evolving, each and every day, and becoming stronger and wiser as a result.



Through the life lessons we undergo and the wisdom we gain as a result, we can become more and more self-reliant, able to accomplish whatever we put our mind to.

Empowering 5DME Insights

Enjoy these empowering 5DME insights written by Founder Nikki Karis and Tone Rising’s contributing editors.

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Integrity and Inner beauty lasts a lifetime

Integrity and Inner Beauty Last a Lifetime

“A person with a truly beautiful heart is far more beautiful than a person with just a beautiful face. While a beautiful face can fade over time, a truly beautiful heart will forever remain so.” ~ Nikki Karis

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