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Zenilution is an Adventure Ride to Awaken the Masses

Written by Nikki Karis, Zenilution seeks to awaken Humanity to its Divine potential via Zeni, the protagonist of the series, as she takes guests aboard an exciting theme-park, adventure ride through the metaphorical swamps of life.

During the ride, Zeni recounts her tales to find Prince Charming. The toad personalities she meets teach her valuable life lessons which ultimately change her perception of life. Armed with this knowledge, Zeni slowly awakens from her spiritual slumber and becomes her Superhuman, Divine Self. Through her tales, Zeni empowers guests aboard the ride to rise up in their own life.

Quantum physics proposes that our thoughts create and influence our reality. At Tone Rising, we advance “positive thinking”, as a way to create the most optimal realities not just for the individual, but for the world as a whole.

Each Tone Rising brand promotes three different “tones” to help you shift your thoughts, thereby raising your quantum frequency. Remember: together, as ONE, we can raise the quantum frequency of the planet, ONE TONE AT A TIME.

Zenilution Rising Values



Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and obstacles we must overcome. Through perseverance, though, we can successfully navigate our challenges blocking our way.



Our self-esteem is the most valuable asset we own; and no one has the right to take it away from us. When our self-esteem is healthy and whole, we're able to overcome any obstacles and persevere.



Success is more than just material, as it comes in many different forms. With perseverance and a healthy self-esteem, a person can become successful in whatever area of life they choose.

Excerpts from Book One

Enjoy these excerpts from book one of the Zenilution Adventure Ride written by Founder Nikki Karis.

Meet Some of Zeni’s Life Lessons, the Toads from Book One

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Louie the Lost at Sea Toad

Ralphie the Religious Fanatic Toad

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